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RutGuard™ Geocell - Proudly Made in the USA

RutGuard™ Geocell - Proudly Made in the USA

RutGuard™ is manufactured in the USA with all virgin HDPE resin and no recycled material. The panels are ultrasonically welded together to provide maximum strength. 


The materials used in manufacturing geocell make the world of difference when shopping for a solution for your next project. By choosing a lesser quality material, you are basically ending right back up at square one, as the material will break down quickly over time, leaving you with the same problem that you had when you started - erosion, ruts, and big mess. 

Two key aspects go hand in hand when considering the quality of a geocell panel - the "ingredients" that make up the plastic, and the "glue" that holds it all together - the welds. 

HDPE - No Recycled Material
RutGuard™ Geocell is manufactured with2 key components -  virgin HDPE (high-density polyethylene) resin (free of fillers and recycled additives) and carbon black. The carbon black additive gives the material defense against UV degradation from the sun, so that the material does not fade and break down. Since geocell is designed to be buried, the material will typically not see sunlight, which about doubles the life expectancy of the material. The typical life expectancy of HDPE geocell is about 50+ years. 

Ultrasonic Welds
When you expand a RutGuard panel, you notice all of the openings for material to be placed inside. If you look closely, you will see that the plastic is welded together. These welds are crucial to the overall performance of the system, as they need to undergo forces from steep slopes to 18 wheelers - which is why ultrasonic welding machines are used to melt the material together to ensure maximum strength. The welds would not be as successful if lesser-quality or recycled material was used to manufacture the panel itself, which is why these two aspects go hand in hand. 

Made in USA
Lastly, it is crucial that RutGuard™ Geocell is manufactured right here in the US, which is why we are able to offer free standard shipping across the continental United States.