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The Strength is in the Numbers

When you fill the cells of the RutGuard­®, you're not only adding stability to the gravel or sand, but also cutting down on the amount of material needed; saving you time and money. Based on the table below, a typical road that usually needs 12" of gravel, only needs 4" when placed inside the RutGuard® panel. 

RutGuard Structural Numbers
Strength in RutGuard

RutGuard® has been field tested by a third-party to demonstrate its strength and durability.

The number below shows the number of passes needed for a vehicle weight of 40psi to see a 1/2" rut when using RutGuard®. 

RutGuard® Product
# of Passes to Lose 0.5" of Gravel
RutGuard­® Roadway (4")

Testing was conducted with a CBR between 2-3 using limestone with a geotextile underneath.

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How Much Infill Material Do I Need for 1 Panel?

Below is an estimate of how much material it will take to fill one panel of RutGuard® broken down by product. All RutGuard® panels have expanded dimensions of 8' x 28', but the panel height varies between the products.

RutGuard® Product
Estimated Yards of Gravel per Panel
RutGuard (2")
3 Yards
RutGuard  (3")
3 Yards
RutGuard­ (4")
4 Yards
RutGuard  (6")
5 Yards
RutGuard (8")
7 Yards


What Would a Driveway Cost?

Below is a cost breakdown for a driveway that is 8' wide by 56' long. 

*Local aggregate cost may vary. Contact your local aggregate supplier for pricing.