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How it Works

The Problem: Where is my Gravel Going?

Ruts are formed due to two common reasons: material being pushed down into the sub-base or material is being displaced by the weight of the load. When weight is applied to the surface, the weight is spread outward, as shown below.

The Solution: RutGuard®

When installed correctly, RutGuard® spreads the weight of the load across the panel, creating a mattress effect and preventing ruts and loss of material. As shown in the illustration below, RutGuard® counteracts the weight applied, spreading it laterally and keeping your material in place.

RutGuard Geocell Reinforcement

"Can I Continue to Spend Money on More Gravel?"

Yes, this is a common theme when filling ruts, but it is not a long-term solution because the ruts will continue to appear. The ground will continue to swallow the rock or the weight of the load will displace it. The same thing is happening to your money. 


RutGuard with and without

How Does it Work?

RutGuard® is an expandable 3-D panel made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Once the panels are expanded, they reveal individual openings that confine and strengthen the material that is placed inside of it. Once the individual openings are filled, you're not only adding structure to the material inside, but you are also reducing the amount of material needed; using less to strengthen more.

Run the Numbers

Still Stuck in a Rut?

Here's a practical example to paint a picture of how RutGuard® works: Imagine filling a bucket of sand and pouring it onto the ground. When you step on top of that sand pile, the material displaces right under your foot. Now, take that same bucket of sand but don't pour it out, and stand on top of it. The sand now supports your weight because the bucket is holding the sand in place. That is what RutGuard® is doing but on a larger scale.