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Steep Mulch-Filled Slope Stabilized with 2" RutGuard Geocell

Steep Mulch-Filled Slope Stabilized with 2" RutGuard Geocell

RutGuard 2" panels were used to stabilize the steep slopes that lead down to a concrete patio area in the backyard of a beautiful hillside residence. The grassy hill lead over to a steep slope with a soil/clay subgrade. The resident was in need of a solution that would provide erosion control and stabilization benefits while also being aesthetically pleasing. 

Before Slope Reinforcement
Before RutGuard was Installed

The slope sides were scraped, graded, and smoothed to reveal an even surface for the panels to expand on. Though preparation is minimal with geocell, the panels are flexible and will take shape of the area that they are installed. It is imperative to have the panels lay flush against the slope, as they panels will expand and bend with the contour of the sub-base.
A layer of fabric was then installed directly atop the prepared sub-base.

The panels were connected together with large zip ties, and then anchored to the top of the slope using rebar, before expanding them down the slope. The stone edging was added at the bottom of the slope. 

RutGuard Slope

Plants were spaced out throughout the expanded geocell panels before filling the cells. Each cell opening is about 12" (1'). 


The panels were filled with mulch and plants to add stability along the sloped perimeter of the residential patio area. 

The sloped sides that lead down to the patio/sitting area are now reinforced to control erosion. The system will be strengthened even more once the roots of the plants start to grow throughout the panels.