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Proper Installation is Key - RutGuard 3" for Roads

Proper Installation is Key - RutGuard 3" for Roads

RutGuard 3" panels were used to add stability to this slightly sloped unpaved road. RutGuard was chosen to address 2 concerns; erosion control and traction along the gravel road since it had a slight 8 degree slope. The customer followed exceptional installation practices for this project, which resulted in a road that not only looks great, but is built to last. 

Proper Installation is Key:
Though the geocell was installed on this slight incline, there are no concerns of erosion or issues with trucks and cars getting traction on the road's surface. This is due to correct installation practices of the geocell and gravel material. After proper grading and installing a fabric as a separation layer, the gravel road base was overfilled by 1-2" and was heavily compacted to reveal a smooth, even and sturdy surface layer for the riding course of the road. 

Cutting Panels to Achieve Desired Dimensions:
The installation area for the geocell was needing to be 12' in width and 125' in length. One of the many benefits of geocell panels are their flexibility when it comes to fitting your project needs; not the other way around!

In order to achieve these dimensions, a total of 8 RutGuard 3" panels were needed. 5 of these panels were expanded out to typical dimensions of 8' wide x 28' long, while the remaining 3 panels were cut in half and installed alongside the full panels. 

 Completed Road Area: