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Slope Driveway Losing Gravel - RutGuard Geocell Holds Material In Place

Losing Gravel on Your Sloped Driveways and Pathways?

Yes! You can use RutGuard to stabilize your driveways or walkways even on sloped surfaces. With that being said, typically the rule of thumb when it comes to slopes is that anything below a 3:1 (19 degree gradient) is considered globally stable, which means it should not need any anchoring components.

Keep in mind, not all projects are the same and this is simply a recommendation to go off of. If you're unsure, give us a call or reach out to your contractor or landscaper for a second opinion. 

Another helpful hint to keep in mind when working with slopes is that you want to choose a cell height best for your slope angle. Think of the RutGuard material as a cup of water: For instance, pretend that you have one tall cup and one shorter cup and you fill them both with the same amount of water. If you start to tilt both cups, the shorter cup is going to pour the water out before the tall one does. It's the same concept as choosing a RutGuard cell height. You want to choose one that will hold the material in place even when it starts to tilt on the slope. 


Infill Material

Lastly, let's talk infill material. There are several options when it comes to infill and customers tend to get more creative on slopes, as they can be not only functional when using RutGuard, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Another rule of thumb when it comes to infill material is basically anything EXCEPT clays- because they expand when wet and will never compact within the cells - and pea gravel that is round, small and all the same shape, which means that it will never compact. 

Infill Ideas:

Mulch, Sod, Angular Gravel, Limestone, etc. 


Before RutGuard was installed on the sloped driveway After RutGuard was installed on sloped driveway