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Add Strength to Base Layer of Gravel Driveways and Roads

Add Strength to Base Layer of Gravel Driveways and Roads

We're all familiar with what ruts, washout and erosion looks like, but do you know the "why" behind those pesky potholes?

Ruts and Erosion Prevention  Ruts and Erosion Prevention

How Ruts Form |  All About The Sub-Base

Ruts and potholes form due to a weak sub-base or sub-grade. Just like any structure, a strong foundation is crucial to the quality and longevity of the project. A weak sub-base will absorb the material placed on the top layer as it sees pressure from vehicles, animals and foot traffic. As pressure and weight is applied, the material is pushed down into the ground. Now, pair that with some displacement from wind and rain and you're left with an area that needs constant maintenance. The typical solution would be to continue to add gravel or material, but this just leaves the cycle to continue. The solution is all about strengthening the sub-base to prevent the material from being lost in the first place. Geocell works to strengthen up that sub-base through confinement, in order to create a strong foundation within the base layer. 

How it Works | Geocell for Base Layer of Gravel Roads and Driveways

RutGuard Geocell Confines and add strength to base layer of gravel driveway

RutGuard Geocell allows you to use less with more through cellular confinement technology. When weight is applied to the top layer of a geocell panel filled with material, it is dispersed laterally and held in place. This mattress effect reduces the pressure on the base layer, which reduces the amount of material being pushed down into the ground, eliminating ruts and potholes. This is why gravel driveways and roads are one of the top applications that benefit from RutGuard geocell. 

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