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RutGuard Geocell vs Hard Pavers - What's the Difference?

RutGuard Geocell vs Hard Pavers - What's the Difference?

Geocell, also known as a cellular confinement system is a simple concept but provides an array of benefits over alternative methods.

Cost Benefit -

Geocell panels are typically offered in larger sizes, which provides several benefits from quicker install time to greater cost efficiency. Our RutGuard panels cover approximately 230 square feet per panel when in comparison, hard pavers are sold by smaller, individual pieces. 

Prep Work -

With RutGuard, very minimal prep work is needed to gain results. Hard pavers/stones typically require about 12" of sub-base work in order to create a solid foundation beneath the pavers. By using RutGuard, your prep-work is basically already completed, as you are left with a solid foundation and you've only used a fraction of your material and installation time. 

Shifting over time -

Have you seen a surface that after a couple months starts to look uneven? That's because of the wavering foundation beneath it. Hard pavers will take the shape of whatever is beneath it. RutGuard does that as well, but due to the flexibility of system and its ability to spread the weight laterally, a mattress effect is created and the pressure on the sub-base is greatly reduced. This contributes to the reduction in rutting, as the weight and pressure is not concentrated and pushing down into the surface, creating ruts and uneven areas.