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Geocell Panels for Vegetation - Grass Parking, Vegetated Slopes, and More.

Geocell Panels for Vegetation - Grass Parking, Vegetated Slopes, and More.

The cells of RutGuard Geocell are able to be filled with a mixture of gravel and soil/sod in order to support vegetation for green parking areas, slopes, driveways, emergency vehicle lanes, and more.

Establishing vegetation within the cells actually contributes to strengthening the overall system. As the vegetation grows, it provides stability as the roots grow down through the perforated cells, holding the infill material in place. 

Here are a few recommendations to consider when going this route:

Preparation Tips
It is recommended to install a layer of geotextile fabric on top of the prepared subgrade in order to create a separation layer between the geocell and subgrade. The prepared sub-base area should be free of existing ruts, excavated out, and graded as needed and per specific site conditions.

Sloped Areas
Typically, the RutGuard is good for slopes as steep as a 1:1. The grade needs to be smooth so that the geocell lays flat against the side of that sloped area. When installing geocell on slopes, it is imperative that the expanded geocell panels lay flat or flush against the slope, rather than protruding out and allowing for void space between the panels and subgrade.

Infill Material
For vegetative fill, it is recommended to mix a gravel/crushed aggregate in with the topsoil before filling the cells in order to create stability within the cells, especially until vegetation in established. This mixture will provide vegetation growth, while providing structural support, which is crucial, especially until vegetation is established. 

The recommended ratio would be 75% aggregate to 25% topsoil. Recommended aggregate size should be 3/8" - 1", a crushed, angular rock. 

The pulverized topsoil portion should account for 25% of the mixture. Clays, silts, and organic materials are typically not recommended for this application. 

Once the infill is placed, overfill by 1-2" and compact the top surface. 

Establishing Vegetation
Something to be considered is that topsoil if not fully vegetated will wash away after rain. Once vegetation is established, the concern for erosion of the topsoil reduces. You will need to make sure that your topsoil stays inside the system long enough for the vegetation to establish. There are other complementary products on the market that can be placed on top of the geocell to ensure that the soil stays inside the cells. An example of this would be a turf reinforcement mat. 

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As always, these thoughts are offered with the understanding that they do not constitute an engineering opinion or an engineering design. They are suggestions made by the manufacturer for the customer’s consideration. Any design must be developed by an engineer licensed in the jurisdiction of the project and retained for the purpose of designing the system.