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Erosion Protection for Steep Slopes - 45 Degree Inclines

Erosion Protection for Steep Slopes - 45 Degree Inclines

With proper installation, infill material, and if required, anchoring components, geocell is designed to provide erosion control and reinforcement for sloped profiles exceeding 45 degrees.

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to geocell projects, as no two projects are just alike. Each project will have unique specifications based on location, site specifics, weather patterns, sub-base, desired outcome, etc. which is why we offer suggestions and examples to help you determine the best course of action for your particular project. The project mentioned below used recommendation from an engineer to design their unique and challenging situation. 

Geocell for Slope Reinforcement
Geocell will not create or build the foundation or slope, it will instead reinforce what is already there. An analogy to best explain geocell on a slope is to consider the geocell the "paint on a wall." The paint will stick and cure to the wall, but first, there needs to be an established "wall" or in this case an estalished "slope." 

Anchoring the Panels
Generally, if installed correctly and using the correct infill, slopes at or under a 3:1/33% grade are considered globally stable, meaning that the filled geocell will reinforce and hold the slope in place. Based on site specifics and/or if the slope exceeds the 3:1 threshold, long-term anchoring may need to be implemented. 

Slope anchoring can be done with curved rebar "j-hooks" or heavy duty strapping. This particular slope in along the bluffs in Michigan ranged from 35 degrees to over 45 degrees in some areas, and the homeowner chose to use strapping to reinforce the panels along the steep slope. 

Tendon Strapping for Panel Anchorage
At the steepest portion of the slope, a 1 - 2ft anchor trench was dug along the top of the slope to bury the first 1' or row of cells. 5 straps of tendon were run through the slots of the panel, spaced throughout the panel and was buried at the top of the slope along with the first row of cells. 

The goal for this steep slope was the establish vegetation to further reinforce the slope. After filling the cells with a topsoil mixture and seeding the top layer, lush vegetation was estalished, further stabilizing the slope. The photos below were taken 7 months apart.