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Curves, Turns and Slopes | RutGuard

Curves, Turns and Slopes | RutGuard

RutGuard | Design Flexibility 

Driveways and pathways come in many different shapes, sizes, and layouts. Circular driveways, horseshoe driveways, curves, turns, and slopes are all common when it comes to roads or paths. Thankfully, RutGuard is designed to fit almost any area. RutGuard panels are durable, but flexible, which makes it easy to curve, bend, and fit the area for which the panels are being installed. The possibilities are almost endless, as no two projects are exactly alike!

Adaptability to Project Area

RutGuard panels have typical expanded dimensions of 8' wide by 28' long, but there is some flexibility in the dimensions; 1' of flexibility to be exact. The panels are able to be over-expanded up to 9' wide or under-expanded down to 7' wide. With that being said, the length will vary depending on your width. Think of a piece of putty or dough. When you pull the putty between your hands, the longer the putty gets, the more the width of the putty shrinks inward. That's essentially what is happening with the RutGuard panels as well. When the width is increased, the length will decrease and vice-versa. 

Panel Dimensions: Fitting the Area

A good rule of thumb when it comes to fitting the panels within the area is to stake* out the panels. Conveniently, each cell is about 1' long, so keep that in mind when measuring the panel to the area in which the panel needs to be installed. Once the cells are filled, the stakes can be removed and the surface can immediately be used. 
*wooden stakes, rebar stakes, sandbags, or even filling the cells with material will be enough to hold the panel in place while measuring.

Cutting Material

RutGuard panels are able to be cut down to size. Be sure to cut outside of the weld and not on the weld. If the weld is cut, the cell is no longer able to hold material. You can cut the material using a box cutter, scissors, or even a saw. If you're sawing the material, make sure to secure it in place using clamps. 

Avoiding Obstacles

Trees, shrubs, plants, and other obstacles may be present in landscaping applications. In a nutshell, the material is able to be cut and then reattached using heavy duty zip ties. When calculating the amount of material needed for your project, make sure to account for the loss of material when cutting and reattaching around these obstacles. 

All in all, RutGuard has many different uses and opportunities to best fit nearly any area. For more design support, questions or clarification, contact us. 

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