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RutGuard Geocell with 8,000lb tractor

Drainage Support & Erosion Control for Home | RutGuard™ Geocell

Just 4" of RutGuard™ Geocell Provides the Same Strength as 12" of Gravel! Which is why this homeowner decided to use 1,500 square feet of geocell to confine gravel throughout the perimeter of their home.

Installation Key Points
The area was prepared and a geotextile fabric was laid directly atop the prepared subgrade. A pipe was installed under the sub-base layer to provide additional drainage for water runoff. A tractor was used to efficiently fill the panels with gravel. Once the panels are filled, the area is immediately able to be used, and the 8,000lb tractor made no ruts in the system. The flexibility of the system allows the panels to bend and curve around obstacles. 

By using geocell up front, future maintenance labor and material costs will be required, as the gravel will be held in place, eliminating erosion and ruts. The gravel area serves as a parking area alongside the home. 

Prepared Geocell Area with Drainage RutGuard Geocell with Geotextile RutGuard Geocell Panels Expanded  Geocell expanded cells

RutGuard Completed Area for Parking Stabilization

Parked Car on Completed Geocell Reinforced Gravel Parking Area