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Foundation Support for Sheds, Greenhouses, Small Buildings

Foundation Support for Sheds, Greenhouses, Small Buildings

Using RutGuard™ in building foundations to add strength with less material. 

One panel of RutGuard™ 3" was used in the front area of this small building constructed in the backyard of a Louisiana residence. This customer was in the process of building a greenhouse and chose RutGuard™ in order to elevate the foundation while providing a porous floor where water could easily drain out of the structure. 

Benefits of using RutGuard Geocell in foundations for structures such as sheds, patios, greenhouses, small buildings, and more. 

When planning any project, you must start with a solid foundation. Using RutGuard™ allows you to decrease the amount of prep-work and material that you will need when constructing the base of your next patio or small building.

To put this in perspective, typically, at least a foot (12") of material needs to be packed below the surface layer in order to create a sturdy base, which as we know, over time loses its stability. RutGuard™ can be added beneath the surface to hold your material (sand, gravel, soil, etc.) in place, add strength, and even reduce the amount of prep-work AND maintenance over time.

Using this scenario above, a 3" panel of RutGuard™ was used to hold the gravel in place. Within the 3" of gravel placed inside the cells, you're getting the equivalent of the strength of 9" of gravel or 15" of sand. This is why we say using less to strengthen more.