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Arizona Desert Ranch Erosion Control

Arizona Desert Ranch Erosion Control

A portion of around 12,200sf of a ranch in Arizona was suffering from erosion from fence to fence. To add strength to the native material in order to reduce erosion and ruts in the problematic area, 22 panels of RutGuard were installed. 

To prepare for the geocell installation, dirt was brought in to level the erosion-prone side of the pasture. The panels were installed directly atop the prepared subgrade and connected with heavy duty zip ties. 

RutGuard Geocell Strengthening Native Material RutGuard Geocell Expanded Panels

After the geocell was expanded, the cells were filled and topped off by about 1"-2" of top soil, and the entire area was hydroseeded with a native grass mix. 

RutGuard Geocell Installed and Filled

One of the many benefits of using geocell over other stabilization alternatives, is the ability to use the material that you already have. Geocell will strengthen up almost any material that you place inside its cells, by displacing the weight of the load and holding material in place. The perforated cells walls promote drainage by creating a permeable system, reducing the formation for potholes and ruts that are typically seen in gravel/dirt. This portion of the ranch was once prone to erosion from the summer monsoons, but now serves as a stabilized area for foot traffic to tractors, trailers, and some animals.