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RutGuard for Grass Parking Reinforcement

Vegetation with RutGuard™ Geocell

A common inquiry when it comes to RutGuard™ Geocell is if the system is able to support vegetation. The answer is yes!

RutGuard™ is a porous system that offers many benefits to a variety of applications. The perforations within the cell walls allow for drainage as well as root growth, which contributes to the stability of the system as a whole. Simply fill the cells of RutGuard™ with a soil mixture in order to vegetate the system. An option would be to use a gravel mixture in the bottom half of the cell and fill the top with topsoil/sod mixture. Or you can simply mix the gravel in with the topsoil. From there, just water it and watch it grow.

Customers have used RutGuard™ to add stability to their grassy parking lots or driveways, sloped, hilly areas with trees and grass, gardens, fire exit lanes, and more. Contact us with further questions on your next project!