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12" Rebar Staking Pins (20 per Order) - Optional for RutGuard Geocell Installation - Free Shipping

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Sold in Quantities of 20 Rebar Staking Pins per Order. 

The RutGuard™ 12" Rebar Staking Pin includes a curved bend in order to anchor the top of the RutGuard Geocell panels into the subgrade. Each order contains 20 staking pins. 

Optional Installation Tool

The 12" Rebar Staking Pin is an optional tool offered for your project's needs. To install, simply anchor into the ground and continue standard installation practices of the system. 

Material - Galvanized Rebar
Dimensions - 12" Long, 3/8" Thick

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View RutGuard™'s installation procedures or download the installation guide here.

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