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RutGuard Lawn and Landscaping Edging - 6" Tall Flexible Border for Gardens, Flowerbeds, and Yards - 48 Total Linear Feet

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RutGuard® Lawn and Landscape Edging is a cost effective alternative to standard metal landscape edging products. RutGuard® Edging is designed to keep mulch, aggregate, rocks, grass, and other landscaping material in place to for outdoor project applications including:

  • Flowerbeds & Gardens
  • Pathways & Trails
  • Root & Weed Barrier
  • Grass Edging

Each order of RutGuard® Edging products include (4) black edging strips, providing a total of 48 linear feet and include FREE SHIPPING within the continental United States.

(4) Black Strips per Order
6" Tall x 12' Long - Each Strip
48 Total Linear Feet

RutGuard® Edging is flexible and able to be simply cut down to size using a box cutter/utility knife and attached with zip ties or staples to create numerous shapes and sizes.

- For general straight-edge applications, simply dig a small trench by excavating out existing material to desired height. Then, place the edging piece inside the trench and backfill with material. Connect pieces, if needed, using staples or by cutting a slot and connecting with zip ties. 
- For circular garden/flowerbed applications, create the desired shape and connect using staples or zip ties. Fill with desired infill; mulch, gravel, soil, sod, etc. 
- Upon installation, excavate and bury at minimum 1" of the product to help hold in place. 

RutGuard® Edging is manufactured with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic alongside RutGuard® Geocell in the United States using all USA products. Carbon black additive is used for UV-Stabilization to ensure longevity of the product.