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Benefits of Geotextile

Benefits of Geotextile

What is Geotextile?

Think of geotextile fabric as like having insurance on your project. When you use the fabric, you're essentially contributing to the lifespan of your project. It prolongs the chance of having to perform upkeep and maintenance and serves many purposes. 

So, Why Do I Need It?

The whole purpose of using a geotextile non-woven fabric is to keep the soil below from moving up into the RutGuard®. It acts as a barrier to keep soil from interfering with the surface layer of your project and also acts as a soil stabilizer as it keeps material aligned and from moving below the cell. 

What Type of Geotextile Should I Use?

Depending on the application of the project and what type of traffic and loads will be on the surface, anything between a 4oz non-woven, 6oz non-woven, to an 8oz non-woven will work. Typically, a 4oz geotextile can be used for gardens with little to no foot traffic, a 6oz can be used for foot traffic to light duty vehicles, and an 8oz can be used for driveways as it will typically withstand passenger vehicle traffic, to dump truck traffic, and other heavy vehicular traffic. These recommendations should merely serve as a general outline of various applications, as every project is different and a geotextile should be chosen specific to the project's needs.