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Strengthen and Reduce Prep for Paver Stone Patio Applications

Strengthen and Reduce Prep for Paver Stone Patio Applications

Using RutGuard Geocell in the sub-base preparation portion of your next paver or flagstone project will serve several benefits and provide cost savings up front and over the life of your project. 

RutGuard reduces the amount of material needed to compact in your sub-base by providing the strength equivalent of 3x the strength of gravel and 5x the strength of sand by confining material within its cells. In other words, if your project originally called for 6" - 10" of compacted base beneath your paver or flagstone, the RutGuard 2" panel can be used in place, and filled with gravel or sand, to achieve the same or greater strength for the base of the project. 

By reducing the amount of material needed, while still providing the same or greater strength, product and maintenance costs are reduced throughout the lifespan of the project. By ensuring a solid foundation and base, the paver stones are less likely to shift and sink over time, leaving you with a long-term solution. 

This particular project used RutGuard within their base. Before and After photos: