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RutGuard Driveway | Reinforcement for Vehicular Traffic

RutGuard Driveway | Reinforcement for Vehicular Traffic

A Driveway to Support Traffic for Pedestrians, Passenger Vehicles and.. a Food Truck!

A residential home owner was looking for a solution to add stability to their gravel driveway. RutGuard is the solution for holding gravel material in place in order to reduce ruts, amount of material needed, and future maintenance labor and cost. RutGuard provides this solution by spreading the weight of the load laterally, boosting the weight-bearing capability of the surface and reducing the pressure placed on the sub-base material. In other words, it keeps the weight from being pushed down, which reduces pot holes and ruts. 

The Ohio resident installed 5,000 square feet of 3" RutGuard Geocell to add a solid foundation for a residential gravel driveway as well as a pad for a shed. The driveway was needing to support the traffic flow of passenger vehicles of  as well as a food truck. Within only 3" of RutGuard Geocell, the driveway is provided the equivalent of 9" of gravel. This is why we say "Using Less to Strengthen More".  

By adding strength to the gravel, as time and vehicles pass, the gravel will remain held in place by the cells of RutGuard, reducing the need to add gravel continuously.